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                     A Brand-New Service For Local Artists (painters)           

 Fremantle/Rockingham/Mandurah artists 
or any other artists who would like to display 
a digital photo of their paintings
 our online gallery are invited to do so

You do not need to be experienced
We will even display your very first effort 

Why not?

If you have created a painting, you are an artist!

Get yourself known as an artist --- starting from TODAY!

You do not have to do an apprenticeship to be an artist
Many artists have sold their first and other early paintings

Sure, you will get better with tuition and experience --- but let us see your early work
You would be amazed at what sells if it is priced right

Why let your paintings gather dust at home 
or just give them away?

Display them before an increasing number of local and non-local visitors to this gallery 
as we are getting established  
--- and this is the best time to do it 
while we can still fit you in

Soon there will be lots of artists and many viewers 

As an artist, get the exposure you need

Sell your paintings --- don't store them! Get some money back 

People LOVE an original painting

Do not think you are not yet ready or good enough?
Nobody looking on this website expects a 'Rembrandt'
They are just looking for a painting that 'catches their eye' 

It may be one of yours

We would love to exhibit your paintings for you

Get out your camera, take some close-up photos and send them to us

We will do the rest

No contracts

No commissions 

 just $1.90/week  to rent
your own Exhibition Room
(that is less than buying a cup of tea or a can of Coke) 
and you can permanently display up to 10 of your paintings for that

(just 19 cents/week to display your painting 24/7/365)

How affordable is that!

Do not miss out on this opportunity to exhibit your paintings

It is so easy

All you need to do is email us a close-up photo of each painting

We will do the rest

To see what your Exhibition Room will look like

click on any link under 'Local Artists' (below)

For further information    
click here



Below are two paintings by Allen J. Graham

of Shoalwater, W.A.


tadpoles                                 ;  tadpoles



Click on the links below to access the work of an artist




Allen J Graham




Richard Lovett --- UK

Maggi Ruth --- Michigan, USA

Eric Duhan --- France

Dale McFairland --- USA

Diane Thomas --- USA

Tatiana Rusakova --- Ukraine

Janna Ali --- Egypt

David Brown --- Canada

Dime Lee --- China

Hengameh Kaghazchi --- USA





  Featuring the wonderful talents of our local  artists

   Enjoy yourself as you view paintings that are unique and very  affordable.

   Each of these paintings is an original (which means that you can  own a painting that nobody else on Earth possesses).

   If you have a place on your wall to hang a print, why not  hang an original?

   A print is just a copy – and everybody can tell

   So, what’s wrong with a good copy? Nothing, really, but would  you rather have a print- copy of a $100 banknote, or an original  $50  note?

   Original is king!


 Click on a link under 'Local Artists'

 Contact the artist (contact details supplied)

 Take it from there






Support Your Local Artists --- They Are Every Bit As Good As Non-local Artists

Art Lessons (video)

Painting Clouds

Simple Landscape

Paint a Rose

Painting Leaves on Trees

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Disclaimer: We are an online gallery and we display photos of paintings only. We are not involved in any way in sales of these paintings. All transactions are strictly between buyer and seller.

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